Don't Call Me Vegan

Everyone hates vegans. It's a fact.

No One loves Me

The reason is simple. Vegans are called villains - our old friend cognitive dissonance requires carnivores to do this as a matter of survival. Vegans, being the soft hearted, feeble minded, must-love-all-living-creatures-including-adolf-hitler type of people they are**, then feel victimised and as such behave like victims.

This simply fuels the carni’s and the vegans then see themselves as being victimised. And no one likes a victim – it shows weakness, right?***.

A classic example is the FB posts where some poor vegan has been told by the rest of her family that she has spoiled Xmas for everyone because they have to cook something special for her & tolerate to her veganism. She then proceeds to post on FB how hurt she feels, literally cries into her food and asks the FB community in despair what she should do.****

A less dramatic example we all experience is how carni’s don’t like vegans because they impose their ‘lifestyle choice’ onto carni’s. Now you get what I’m saying, right?

Gests aside, vegans need to grow up and learn to face off against carni’s. We know why we are vegan – meat & dairy = torture and murder. Fact. End of story.

It's You, Not Me

And that’s the point exactly – ME choosing to NOT be a murderer is actually a problem with YOUR ‘lifestyle choice’, not mine. I don’t care who you are (friend or family, saint or sinner, Hillary or Donald, or even Bernie) and I’m not going to let you forget that until you stop eating and wearing animals.

In simple terms, throw the moral obligation back where it should be, on the other side of the court and do it in every aspect.

Changing the Narrative

I go to a restaurant / party / gathering etc and I no longer say the usual “Sorry, I’m vegan” when offered food or a menu containing animals – “Sorry” just immediately says “it’s my fault”. Instead I say “I don’t eat animals. Do you have anything not from animals”. Immediately it’s thrown back at the other person who is pointed at as the murderer, and you can see them process that for a second. That’s not going to turn them into vegans, but it starts changing the narrative and that’s what we need to start doing. The animals are the victims.

Just like apartheid was brought to the fore in the early 80’s in the face of tacit support by the USA and UK of the SA government to the point where it soon became a universally unpalatable concept, so we must do the same with the murder of animals.

So next Xmas party, start preparing to flip it around on the real villains and stick to your guns.


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by Peter Birrell



** yes, a grossly unfair caricaturisation of an already bad stereotype, but run with me for now - I'm on your side

*** according to bullies, that is

**** for the girls (& guys) who have experienced this, I don’t mean to diminish you or what you underwent, but your experience highlights the problem i.e. how easily & effectively vegans are made out to be the villain when in fact the opposite is true