I'm Not A Reformed Carnivore

I'm sadly an ex-carnivore. I say "sadly" because it makes me sad thinking for how long I ate animals. The day I stopped blocking out reality from my mind was the day I became vegan and I never missed meat since.

It's Just Not Meat

During the time since becoming a vegan though, I've seen this obsession with meat replacement products which I find perplexing. I don't eat meat / dairy because it's causing immeasurable harm to other beings, so the thought of eating something that deliberately mimics that act seems slightly hypocritical, not to say irrational. Something akin to a holocaust video game!?

That said, today i'm not here to judge !

I'm talking purely from a taste perspective and what I find even more perplexing is that I have yet to come across a product that actually mimics meat. I've tried the chorizo style products, seitan takeway products etc etc and none of them pull it off.

Now, again, I'm not passing judgement or saying they taste bad. They simply don't taste like meat and that must clearly lead to a lot of disappointment with the products (and in fact with being a vegan???)

It's About The Whole, Not the Sum of the Parts

I generally don't eat these products because I'm not looking for meat replacements, but what I found was that the key to veganism is to not see yourself as an ex-carnivore, but rather as a herbivore. Trite statement indeed, but the key to herbivana is about changing your mindset.

Example :Cheese and tomato bread roll / sandwich

I used to eat cheese obviously and of course you try the cheese alternatives hoping to get that full creamy cheese taste but it never comes. If you think it through though, what you really need is something that goes with a slice of tomato, gherkins, salt, pepper, (vegan) mayo on a warm freshly baked, quality bread roll. Now in that context, honestly, if the 'cheese' doesn't taste like 100% Cheddar, Gouda cheese etc, you don't know the difference nor do you really care - in fact I'm drooling as i write this.

What I do know is that I'm NOT doing any harm to animals, I'm NOT ingesting hormones, antibiotics and any other cancer causing substances, not to mention the mucus of another being's milk (what part do people not get about dairy milk!?)

Another one is pasta. Done the egg-free pasta and there are some good ones, but last week I tried out Black Bean Pasta from Explore Asian (with a lovely tomato and basil sauce). 100% black beans shaped into spaghetti 'strings'. Awesome stuff, honestly. Absolutely awesome. Tasted great, very filling and I get tons of protein to boot. It's not 'real' pasta, but who cares (and what defines 'real' pasta anyway). That meal tasted great.

Plant-Based is a Lifestyle

I'm eating healthily and compassionately, and that outweighs any 'need' to recreate a particular taste I have lost through some 'sacrifice' as a result of not killing animals. 

There are absolutely amazing plant-based products out there and as soon as you let go of your old desires, they're very quickly replaced by new flavours and taste experiences that will broaden your palate's experiences immeasurably.

And that's what a plant-based lifestyle is about - a mindset.

So like a bad relationship that was only delivering pain and suffering (and probably cancer too), the sooner you move on mentally, the sooner you'll be happy again.


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by Peter Birrell