Hello From Jenny

Hi everyone and this is my blog,

Computers and phones are not my favourites. I much prefer to be outside, enjoy the sun and the rain, the flowers and a good stick.

Sticks come in many shapes and forms. I try to be careful from the very thin ones as they get stuck in my teeth and my throat. Yes, it happened to me once and my daddy had to take me to a hospital. I love my daddy - he is the best!!!!

Hold on where was I? I got a bit distracted. My mummy she is the founder of Not From. I love her too. She asked me to write a blog about my life and how much I enjoy them.

My mummy always tells me that I changed her life  and rescued her. Yes ,I was a rescue dog, I was so thin the RSPCA thought I was greyhound. Yes, yes it says in my adoption papers that I am a greyhound. Not.

Anyway, where was I? Never mind, I forgot and it does not really matter, because I am going to play now with my friend Scampi in the sun and that’s all that matters for me now.

So, I will say good bye now, enjoy life and please don’t eat animals. We love and feel the same as you so please only buy things at Not From - animal & planet cruelty free.

by Jenny Teebits